Thursday, July 17, 2014


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It’s been one month in LA & what a month its been. I'm amazed at how fond I have grown of this city in such a short amount of time. I have been majorly spoilt here & a large part of that is due to the incredible people I have found myself surrounded with. It really goes to show that a place is really only as good as the people and experiences you make in it. Its amazing how many interesting people I have met here, each one on some sort of journey, chasing something. As a creative it really is inspiring surrounding yourself with likeminded people. 

Another pleasant surprise for me has been the cafe culture I have found in LA. Anyone traveling here with the mentality that Americans don’t know how to do coffee will be happily shocked to find a growing culture of specialty coffee houses and cafes popping up throughout the city. A special mention to the guys at Alfred coffee for making me one of the best flat whites of my life! (Aussies please take note of this place, it became my second home over the last month). 

Shoot wise we had a killer few weeks shooting some exciting projects here. Shout out to the A team (Aussies represent!) It is really a team effort when shooting & that has never been so obvious to me as it was shooting here! I cant wait to share what we worked on. 

 Next stop is New York. Having found myself so comfortable here in LA, i cant wait to be thrown back in the deep end. Nothing like NYC to wake you up! x