Friday, August 16, 2013

Tel Aviv

It's difficult to describe Tel Aviv. It's simply a monster of a city. The streets are filled with some of the most amazing examples of Bauhaus architecture I have ever seen (named the white city for this exact reason). A combination of restoration and neglect has left Tel Aviv with a sort of bipolar personality. Once grand buildings have been left crumbling from the ocean salt, on the flip side there is an abundance of modern conversion happening throughout the city, warehouses and old buildings being turned to hip fresh cafes and restaurants. Bars and clubs run through the night, every night of the week. This city truly doesn't sleep. 

Another key part of this city is the food. I fell madly in love with the markets & street food here (mainly falafel & shawarma) and grew a deep appreciation for eggplant (which they seem to graffiti all over the city) & Hummus (Which locals will fiercely debate as to where you will find the best). Cafes are in abundance in Tel Aviv, In house roasters are starting to pop up - Shout out to Cafelix who offered me seven different types of beans and the best piccolo latte in Israel. 

As much as Tel Aviv can feel like an urban jungle at times, the beaches are very much a part of this city and stay packed well after the sun goes down (which isn't until after 8 in summer). People come to tan, listen to music, to drink & my favourite - to play matkot (just google it). Note - If you're heading down on over the weekend be prepared for insane crowds!

Tel Aviv is a truly intriguing city. It's beauty however lies in the vibe, not in the visuals. This is definitely one you will need to check out for yourself to appreciate. x

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