Monday, April 29, 2013

Iguazu Falls - Brazil/Argentina

Iguazu Falls, my cameras worst nightmare! Such a magnificent sight that was determined to fill my camera & cover my lens with mist at every turn! It glitched out my point & shoot, flooded my poor little trooper of an iPhone & tried its best to tackle my D4 (with no success of course). 
Anyway moving on! These falls are breathtaking, the sheer power of the water is mind blowing. Bordering between Brazil & Argentina the falls are accessible from both countries. If you have time do both, if not probably opt for the Argentinian side (It's much more developed, reminded me of a theme park at times). One tip - learn from our mistake and allow a full day to tackle the Argentinian side. We missed the last train to see la Garganta del Diablo (The devils throat) which boasts some of the most spectacular views of the falls. 
Iguazu is a must for anyone heading to SA - Just make sure to pack a poncho
& say farewell to your cameras x

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Carnival Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The one you have all been waiting for, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Possibly the craziest week of my life. Street parties (Blocos) take over the suburbs of Rio each day and night. Literally tens of thousands of people sprawled over the city dancing, singing & having the time of their lives. The vibe running through the city during this week is electric. We managed to step away from the parties long enough to see a few of the cities main attractions, as well as a day roaming one of the cities favela's. Rio's charm exceeded all expectations, make sure to put this one on your bucket list! x

São Paulo - Brazil

São Paulo is a monster of a city! It is the largest city in Brazil, and in the southern Hemisphere for that matter. First word that comes to mind when thinking of SP is diversity, this city has EVERYTHING! From beautiful parks to famous Architecture, it even has a Japan town (note: make sure to try some temaki). There is also a very strong art & design culture in Sao Paulo, which is evident through the abundance of galleries, cafes & hipsters. If you are a coffee head like myself this is the city for you, make sure to check out cafe Floresta & Coffee lab for your hit. Being the Fashion capital of Latin America I took the opportunity to organise a few meetings including Ford models. Needless to say it wont be long until Im back in this amazing city. x

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Salvador - Brazil

Salvador, Brazil. What a place. A colourful fusion of Brazilian & African culture. Stick to right areas and Salvador is filled with colour and music, drums and street parties run the night. Of course there are parts of Salvador that you need to be cautious of, be mindful that there are a lot of homeless and a fair bit of poverty so don't be flashy, empty your pockets & stick in groups. But don't let the travel guides put you off this city, it's a unique part of Brazil that has much to offer. x