Monday, March 14, 2011

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011

 Launch night: Fashion Full Stop
So last night i went to the LMFF launch event: Fashion full stop. I wasnt there to shoot the event, but i couldnt help but take a few shots for all you bloggers (Happy soon to be birthday Mor!). It was a pretty impressive night, full of music, dance & of course fashion. The show took a trip down 'Australian fashion history' lane, before showing previews from several designers showing throughout the festival. The pieces that really caught my attention were the more conceptual pieces from Trimapee (shot 4)
Keep tuned for more fashion week goodness.


  1. gosh, i love fashion week.
    this was an incredible show. i'm glad they decided to go big this year. x.

  2. yeah it was pretty good! the paris runways were incredible as well