Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MSFW Designer series 2010
Tonight i made my way to one of the melbourne spring fashion designer series shows.
Show 2 aimed to show off the artistic elegance of fashion, showcasing a range of expression by some of Australia's top designers. Some of the designers in the set included the extremely talented Collette Dinnigan, Lisa Ho, Arthur Galan & Akira Isogawa. Above are some of my favourites from the night (strangely most worn by the same model)
The suit by Arthur Galan (above) definately caught my eye... seems like its time to start saving! Special Happy Birthday to Kendall who accompanied me tonight! hope you enjoyed the present :)
Featured Designers: Arthur Galan AG/Akira/Aurelio Costarella/Christine/Collette Dinnigan/Gwendolynne/LISA HO/Megan Park/Thurley/Yeojin Bae


  1. Nice shots as always. What's it like at fashion week? Looks very awesome!

  2. thanks!
    fashion week is great :) so much inspiration everywhere you look!
    i just wish there were more of them!